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You've Got Mail!

Having moved several states away from all our family last spring, we are sending and receiving mail more than ever! My kids love packaging their art up, putting the stamps on the envelopes, and waking to the mailbox. Since it’s too cold for me to even walk to our mailbox 🥶 I brought this favorite activity inside with our Mail Station.

This was seriously the easy setup (and cleanup!) and my kids are still loving it days later 🙌

Grab some:



✔️Pens /markers/ crayons


Since I didn’t want this to be a $100 activity using actual stamps, I made some pretend play stamps. I printed these on Avery 18160 address labels, although you could also easily print them on plain paper, cut them, and have little ones glue them on to their mail. The link to the PDF I made is in my profile if you’d like to use them💚

We also added in this mailbox that my daughter received for her birthday a couple years ago - a favorite in our house! Along with that, my kids requested our postage scale so they could weigh their envelopes and determine how many stamps they’d need😁

This Mail Station is great for:

👉Developing new vocabulary (envelope, postage)

👉Measurement and math skills

👉Developing writing skills

Grab the "stamps" PDF below!

Download PDF • 4.35MB

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