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Cookie Cutter Stamps

Confession: I have never once used any of the 30+ cookie cutters that I own 🙈. The idea of making dough, rolling it out, cutting the cookies, baking them (and not burning them), and then decorating all of them sounds way too daunting for me 😅. I’m more of a roll them and throw them on a cookie sheet baker. Or, if we’re being honest, probably just buy them pre-made from the store.

Since I have a number of different heart-shaped cookie cutters, I pulled them out of storage with some intention of maybe making Valentine's cookies. Maybe. And then I realized that between full-time work-at-home life, kids, housework, etc. that I was not venturing into this project right now.

I briefly thought about paring down this oversized collection of mine, when my kids found the hearts and wanted to play with them. That's when our afternoon art activity was born. Super simple. Super easy. Grab some cookie cutters, washable paint, and paper - and then let them go to town. (Not photographed is the full-body finger painting that ensued, but I’m all about that process


I’d say that this was another successful Love Month activity in the books ❤️

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