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Simple STEAM Activity: Fizzy Art

Who doesn’t love a good vinegar and baking soda reaction experiment? And combining it with art? That’s a win-win in our house.⁣ While there are a number of variations to this activity, we used the following for our colorful creations:⁣

✔️Watercolor paper⁣

✔️Baking soda⁣

✔️Food coloring⁣

✔️White vinegar⁣

✔️Droppers⁣ (these are so easy to clean!)

I added a couple drops of food coloring into the cups with white vinegar and placed a dropper in each glass. Within our bins (baking sheets would also work!) I laid the watercolor paper out (it’s thicker and can handle more liquid than plain paper), sprinkled a generous layer of baking soda over top, and then let the kids have at it with the droppers!⁣

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