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Easter Basket Ideas

My rationale with Easter baskets (same applies to stockings at Christmas) is that I want to fill them with fun, useful things. With that in mind, I try to fill in gaps of things we know we like and could use more of (like art supplies). I also always take inventory of our spring/summer wardrobes and will throw in swimsuits, clothes, shoes, etc. into their baskets if they're in need of anything. We seem to be pretty set in this department this year, so here's what my little ones will be digging into on Easter morning.

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Watercolors: Hands-down our favorite watercolor paints! Super vibrant and pigmented. We've run out of a couple of the colors, so now's a good time to restock.

Wikkistix: These are fun wax and yarn sticks that you can sculpt into lots of cool creations! We did these in our Easter baskets last year, and they were a hit!

WaterWow: These came in SO clutch during our move last spring - the perfect car activity! My kids also choose these often during our daily Quiet Time.

Earrings: My daughter has been asking for earrings, so I think these clip-ons will be the perfect addition to her basket. It would be a great easter egg filler, too!

Books: Each child always gets one book in their basket. This year, we'll be going with: Fossils for Kids and All About Weather.

Water bottles: My kids are in need of some new ones, and I know they'll get excited about them. Win-win.

Snacks: I'll toss in a few prepackaged, fun snacks that we don't have on the regular, like juice boxes and fruit snacks.

And when it comes to Easter egg fillers, here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Stickers: I usually cut these into smaller sections and then roll them and tuck them in eggs. A few sheets can go a long!

  • PlayDoh: Another go-to. These fit just right inside our eggs, and we can always use more PlayDoh.

  • Character Band-Aids: In our house, these are basically stickers. We allow our kids to use these in their play, and we save plain bandaids for when we actually need one. Super easy to pop a couple bandaids in some eggs!

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