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A Tea Time Sensory Bin for Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 8

While there are many recipes out there that give precise rice/vinegar/food coloring ratios, I'm more of an "eyeball it" person. I just fill a Ziploc bag with rice, pour in a small bit of white vinegar, and then add some food coloring in. (But if you need more structure for this - go with about 1/2 - 1Tbsp white vinegar per 1 cup of rice!)

After shaking for a few, I'll often add in some more color if needed. I lay it out on a baking sheet to dry (which it does fairly quickly!), and then dump it into our bin once it's ready.

This year, I decided to throw some dry great northern beans to the mix. It adds some more texture and variety, and since we haven't used these in a bin before, both my kids found this very exciting!

On a recent trip to Dollar Tree, my little ones each had money to pick out one treasure. As soon as my daughter laid eyes on this plastic tea set, her choice was made!

I also spotted pink and red cupcake erasers at Dollar Tree, and I'm so glad that I tossed them into my cart. They are a great size for the little plates and compliment our tea time theme very well.

The spiky balls were a last-minute addition that I tossed in simply because I knew that my soon would really enjoy them.

As an early childhood education advocate, I'm a huge believer in the many benefits of sensory play, and setting up sensory bins can be super quick, inexpensive, and easy! I like to place a large mat (I've also used towels and flat sheets) underneath our table to help with clean up.

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